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Change Of Plans

Weight Loss & Nutrition presents



A series of live interactive experiences where you can learn more about how to plan healthy meals, navigate your way through a grocery store, shop for the best ingredients on a budget, how to cook a simple, yet delicious meal, and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle!


SHOP: There are many places to find the best ingredients for your meal. We will be shopping for quality, but also looking to get the best foods at the best prices! Each live SHOP event will be held at different grocery store throughout the local area. Store suggestions are welcome!


COOK: Everyone will receive a copy of the recipe for the meal we will prepare. There will be a new recipe each time. Most recipes will be based on actual meals from Change Of Plans meal plans. Recipe suggestions are welcome! The COOK portion will be done at home. Change Of Plans will record the cooking process and post at a later date.


EAT: This is the easy part! After you've prepared this delicious healthy superfood meal, you can sit down and enjoy it with friends and family!


Let us know how SHOP. COOK. EAT. goes for you! Send your comments, questions and suggestions to


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