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These are the stories of REAL people who changed their lives with the help of Change Of Plans. Would you like your weight loss story to be featured here? Email for more info! 

Aisha P. 

Aisha P. of Birmingham, AL has lost 21+ lbs since beginning with Change Of Plans in April. She started with the 10 Day Detox Plan and then continued with a Customized Meal Plan. She incorporated workouts 3-4 days a week, including 1 Personal Training Session per week for 1 month. Aisha now enjoys foods that she normally would not eat, such as different fruits and vegetables. She is very determined to look and feel the best she can. Way to go Aisha! 

Amanda J.

Amanda J. of Montgomery, AL has lost 20 lbs! She simply implimented the information from the Change Of Plans Newsletter into her everyday life. Her motivation was looking in the mirror and knowing that she wanted better for her future. She changed her eating habits and worked out at least 4 times a week! She packed her lunches to make sure she stayed on track. She did tons of walking and drank lots of water. Congratulations Amanda! 

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