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Flat Belly Trio

Flat Belly Trio

We've put our top 3 belly blasting juices into a package called the Flat Belly Trio! This trio includes Pineapple Sunshine, our new juice Pineapple Blast, and the original Flat Belly Formula! Drink at least 1 juice per day and watch the pounds MELT AWAY! 


Drink 8 ounces of juice BEFORE your meals. For a meal replacement, drink 16 ounces (1 whole bottle).

9 PACK include 3 of each juice, and lasts you 3-4 days.

12 PACK include 4 of each juice, and lasts you 5-6 days.

15 PACK include 5 of each juice, and lasts you 7-8 days.


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